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About Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT uses a rational, evidence based approach to challenge unhelpful or self-limiting beliefs. Our ideas about ourselves, other people, and the world are usually formed early in life in order to keep us safe. As adults, sometimes these beliefs can hold us back.

The cognitive element of CBT can break down these inaccurate and often contradictory beliefs and the behavioural element of CBT can speed the process and reinforce new, more helpful and realistic perspectives.

Cognition Long Term Benefits and Personal Empowerment

CBT is informative. It teaches you the skills and techniques for you to use whenever you need them, in effect, training you to be your own therapist.

Solution Focused

CBT does not dwell excessively on the past, but meets you now, how you are today. It can be interesting and helpful to know where the problems stem from, but this in itself is not usually enough to free ourselves from their influence. CBT re-trains thoughts, feelings and behaviours to enable us to live more effectively.

Taking Positive Action

Quite often there will be tasks to carry out between sessions helping to keep therapy on-track, speed progress, encourage independence and imprint new, more supportive thoughts and behaviours.

Attack the Problem From All Angles

Because CBT can work on thoughts and behaviours the diversity of the approach can quickly help with a wide variety of problems. Whatever your personality type or learning style, the diversity of CBT ensures that there will be something that resonates with you.


Using my knowledge of CBT and your knowledge of yourself, we can work together as a team to help to change your perspective, and adjust your approach allowing you to achieve your goals. Supporting you through these changes I offer a secure, warm relationship based on acceptance, empathy and respect.

Cost Effective

CBT gets long-term results fast, making it the therapy choice of the NHS.


CBT has a flexible framework of specific tools and learned skills. Goals for therapy are agreed and broken down into smaller more manageable tasks so that at any point in therapy you can clearly see what you have accomplished and measure your progress.

Paper Based

Quite often during the course of CBT you will generate a notebook of ideas and concepts that will be your record to keep if you wish.

Further Information

If you want to know more about CBT click on this link: other websites describing CBT in more detail or give me a call for an informal chat.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstien

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstien