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The Happiness Hypothesis. By Jonathan Haidt

Original and insightful book “putting ancient wisdom and philosophy to the test of modern science” offering unique and balancing perspective. Thought provoking perspective on “the human condition.” Suitable for those who enjoy reading as a pastime and philosophical enquiry.

59 Seconds. By Robert Wiseman

A fast read book offering quick thought exercises and habits that will help lift mood and combat depression. “Think a little, change a lot” Simple but effective techniques such as how to develop the “gratitude attitude”.

Feeling Good. The New Mood Therapy. By David Burns

A comprehensive self-help guide utilising the basic tools of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Suitable for self-motivated people who enjoy working at their own pace.

Man's Search for Meaning. By Viktor Frankl

A short novel that can shift perspective... "Everything can be taken away from us except our ability to choose our attitude" Written by a survivor of Auschwits. An inspiring example of the human ability to flourish in the most impoverished of circumstances.



Fabulous website, packed with information. Students Against Depression is highly recommended reading, not just for students! A fast-track page collating information from this comprehensive site which includes great tips for understanding depression: www.studentdepression.org/short_on_time_energy_popup.php


Free online course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy designed to help with depression. This website is a “click-through” series of tutorials which can help on it's own or support work with a CBT therapist.


Simple and brief Mindfulness Meditation instructions, which when practised daily can help to ease troubling feelings such as anxiety and depression.


A useful and accessible online tool for learning and implementing key CBT concepts. Basic and easy steps for lifting low mood, by way of simple “click-through” information sheets.


Positive psychology website presenting a series of personal inventories designed to help identify personality strengths. A tool for developing self-awareness. Take the Brief Strengths Test.


www.ted.com/talks/stacey_kramer_the_best_gift_i_ever_survived. html

A short and inspiring video that helps to re-frame and shift perspective.


A TED video explaining Mindfulness in a nutshell

Links to the Published Scientific Evidence Proving the Effectiveness of CBT

This not particularly entertaining reading, but it might help to know there is evidence for the effectiveness of this approach.

Research demonstrating CBT is an effective treatment for anxiety: http://www.dialogues-cns.com/publication/cognitive-behavioral-therapy-in-anxiety-disorders-current-state-of-the-evidence/

Meta-analysis examining the effectiveness of CBT for a range of difficulties:


Links to Websites Providing more detailed information about CBT

Wikipedia’s description of CBT:


National Association of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy description:


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"There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving and that is your own self."

Aldous Huxley